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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] OpenMPI 1.2.x segfault as regular user
From: Kevin.Buckley_at_[hidden]
Date: 2011-03-20 18:22:08

> It's not hard to test whether or not SELinux is the problem. You can
> turn SELinux off on the command-line with this command:
> setenforce 0
> Of course, you need to be root in order to do this.
> After turning SELinux off, you can try reproducing the error. If it
> still occurs, it's SELinux, if it doesn't the problem is elswhere. When
> your done, you can reenable SELinux with
> setenforce 1
> If you're running your job across multiple nodes, you should disable
> SELinux on all of them for testing.

You are not actually disabling SELinux with setenforce 0, just
putting it into "permissive" mode: SELinux is still active.

Running SELinux in its permissive mode, as opposed to disabling it
at boot time, sees SELinux making a log of things that would cause
it to dive in, were it running in "enforcing" mode.

There's then a tool you can run over that log that will suggest
the ACL changes you need to make to fix the issue from an SELinux

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