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Subject: [OMPI users] using MPI through Qt
From: Eye RCS 51 (eye.rcs.51_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-03-01 03:39:10


In an effort to make a Qt gui using MPI, I have the following:

1. Gui started in master node.

2. In Gui, through a pushbutton, a global variable x is assigned some value;
let say, x=1000;

3. I want this value to be know to all nodes. So I used broadcast in the
function assigning it on the master node and all other nodes.

4. I printed values of x, which prints all 1000 in all nodes.

5. Now control has reached to MPI_Finalize in all nodes except master.

Now If I want to reassign value of x using pushbutton in master node and
again broadcast to and print in all nodes, can it be done??
I mean, can I have an MPI function which through GUI is called many times
and assigns and prints WHILE program is running.

OR simply can I have a print function which is printing noderank value in
all nodes whenever pushbutton is pressed while program is running.

command i used is "mpirun -np 3 ./a.out".

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks you very much.