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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Mac Ifort and gfortran together
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-15 20:22:20

Sorry for the ginormous delay in replying here; I blame SC'10, Thanksgiving, and the MPI Forum meeting last week...

On Nov 29, 2010, at 2:12 PM, David Robertson wrote:

> I'm noticing a strange problem with Open MPI 1.4.2 on Mac OS X 10.6. We use both Intel Ifort 11.1 and gfortran 4.3 on the same machine and switch between them to test and debug code.
> I had runtime problems when I compiled openmpi in my usual way of no shared libraries so I switched to shared and it runs now.

What problems did you have? OMPI should work fine when compiled statically.

> However, in order for it to work with ifort I ended up needing to add the location of my intel compiled Open MPI libraries (/opt/intelsoft/openmpi/lib) to my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to to get codes to compile and/or run with ifort.

Is this what Intel recommends for anything compiled with ifort on OS X, or is this unique to OMPI-compiled MPI applications?

> The problem is that adding /opt/intelsoft/openmpi/lib to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH broke my Open MPI for gfortran. Now when I try to compile with mpif90 for gfortran it thinks it's actually trying to compile with ifort still. As soon as I take the above path out of DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH everything works fine.
> Also, when I run ompi_info everything looks right except prefix. It says /opt/intelsoft/openmpi rather than /opt/gfortransoft/openmpi like it should. It should be noted that having /opt/intelsoft/openmpi in LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not produce the same effect.

I'm not quite clear on your setup, but it *sounds* like you're somehow mixing up 2 different installations of OMPI -- one in /opt/intelsoft and the other in /opt/gfortransoft.

Can you verify that you're using the "right" mpif77 (and friends) when you intend to, and so on?

Jeff Squyres
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