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Subject: [OMPI users] cannot restrict port numbers using btl_tcp_port_min_v4 and btl_tcp_port_range_v4
From: Tang, Hsiu-Khuern (hsiu-khuern_tang_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-10 17:29:22


I am trying to understand how to control the range of ports used by Open MPI.
I tried setting the parameters btl_tcp_port_min_v4 and btl_tcp_port_range_v4,
but they don't seem to have an effect.

I am using Open MPI 1.4.2 from Debian sid, but get the same result on RHEL5.

When I run a program like

mpirun --host host1,host2 -np 2 --mca btl_tcp_port_min_v4 10000 --mca btl_tcp_port_range_v4 10 sleep 100

and then in another terminal run "netstat -plnt", should I expect to see mpirun
listening on one or more ports between 10000 and 10009? I don't -- mpirun is
invariably listening on some other ports.