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Subject: [OMPI users] Trouble with IPM & OpenMPI on SGI Altix
From: Gilbert Grosdidier (Gilbert.Grosdidier_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-08 10:59:12


  I have trouble when trying to compile& run IPM on an SGI Altix cluster.

  The issue is: this cluster is providing a default SGI MPT
implementation of MPI,
but I want to use a private installation of OpenMPI 1.4.3 instead.

1) When I compile IPM as recommended, everything works fine, but, clearly
the shared lib which is built is aiming at the default SGI-MPT install.
The configure command line was:
./configure --with-compiler=INTEL --prefix=/home/myhome/ipm/ipmoicc/ipm

2) When trying to run the application with the relevant LD_PRELOAD, this
failure occurs:
mpiexec: symbol lookup error:
/home/myhome/ipm/ipmoicc/ipm/lib/ undefined symbol:
leading to the diagnostic above.

3) Of course, if one forces the linking of the application with -lipm,
the same kind of culprit is found:
undefined reference to « mpi_sgi_status_ignore »

  My feeling is I am missing the right way to make IPM pointing at my
private install of OpenMPI
at IPM compile time. How to achieve this, please ? I found no indication
on the Web, unfortunately, looking MPI or IPM ways :-)

  Thanks in advance for any hint, Regards, G.