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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] [Rocks-Discuss] compiling Openmpi on solaris studio express
From: Nehemiah Dacres (dacresni_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-11-29 16:50:25

I believe the user specifically wishes to use the special debugging tools in
Solaris Studio. The flag in question seems to be -rpath according to the
logs, It would be suspicious if this was a flag for the Solaris linker. I
don't have access to any solaris machines but I may try make a virtual
install to investigate.

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Hi Nehemiah

Hard to tell, I never tried Sun/Oracle Studio compilers.
However, the Intel compilers, for instance, require you to setup
environment variables that include PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH at least.
Would this be the case with Sun Studio?
Do you have its full environment set?

As for the error message,
indeed, "man ld" doesn't show "-path" as a possible option.
Would this be a "Solaris thing", perhaps an option
to the Solaris linker?

For what it is worth, OpenMPI compiles with gcc,g++ and gfortran,
which may be a workaround for you, if you want to stick to free compilers.
Likewise, it also compiles with Open64 compilers, although later
on I had trouble with the Open64 Fortran compiler (not to compile OpenMPI,
but MPI applications).
Do you have any specific requirement for Sun/Oracle software?

OpenMPI also compiles with Intel and PGI compilers,
but those aren't free.

Finally, make sure you are passing the Sun compilers to the OpenMPI
configure script correctly.
Somehow your warning messages are labeled "f90", not "sunf90" as I
would expect, but this may be just the way Sun decided to spell their
own error messages.

If you are in Rocks, better install the compilers in /share/apps,
not in /opt as it is now.
That will make the Sun compilers and their possible shared libraries
available to all nodes.
/share/apps is the right place to install mostly anything that doesn't
come in the Rocks/CentOS distribution.

Good luck,