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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Building OpenMPI 1.5.x
From: Gus Correa (gus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-11-02 15:48:06

Hi Jim

Please, read what the OpenMPI folks say about the 1.5 release:

"PLEASE NOTE: According to Open MPI's release methodology, the v1.5
series is a "feature release" series. This means that it has rich new
features that we think are tested and stable, but they are not as mature
as the stable "bug fix" v1.4 series. If you are looking for ultra
stability, you should probably be using the v1.4 series."

Given this, rather than going to the cutting edge,
I continue to use 1.4.2 (but should upgrade to 1.4.3).

You can download the 1.4 series, and the older releases as well.
Just look at the menu on the LHS of their web page under "Download":

The 1.4.2 "configure --help" still shows this (although I only use

Program names:
   --program-prefix=PREFIX prepend PREFIX to installed
program names
   --program-suffix=SUFFIX append SUFFIX to installed program
   --program-transform-name=PROGRAM run sed PROGRAM on installed
program names

I hope this helps,
Gus Correa

Jim Kusznir wrote:
> Hi all:
> I finally decided to rebuild openmpi on my cluster (last built when
> 1.3.2 was current). I have a ROCKS cluster, so I need to build RPMs
> to install accross the cluster rebuilds. Previously, I did so with
> the following command:
> rpmbuild -bb --define 'install_in_opt 1' --define 'install_modulefile
> 1' --define 'modules_rpm_name environment-modules' --define
> 'build_all_in_one_rpm 0' --define 'configure_options
> --with-tm=/opt/torque' --define '_name openmpi-gcc' --define 'makeopts
> -J8' openmpi-1.3.2.spec
> With 1.5, this fails with:
> configure: WARNING: *** This configure script does not support
> --program-prefix, --program-suffix or --program-transform-name. Users
> are recommended to instead use --prefix with a unique directory and
> make symbolic links as desired for renaming.
> configure: error: *** Cannot continue
> I thought it might have been the --define '_name ...', so I removed
> that, but got the same error.
> For me, the _name is important, as I build for two different compilers
> and need to have the resulting RPMs named accordingly (and have them
> installed in their own /opt/opemmpi-gcc, etc directories).
> Any suggestions how to proceed? (the specific version of openmpi in
> this case is the one available for download on Nov 2 from the main
> website; obtained via the src.rpm download)
> --Jim
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