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Subject: [OMPI users] Building OpenMPI 1.5.x
From: Jim Kusznir (jkusznir_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-11-02 12:47:51

Hi all:

I finally decided to rebuild openmpi on my cluster (last built when
1.3.2 was current). I have a ROCKS cluster, so I need to build RPMs
to install accross the cluster rebuilds. Previously, I did so with
the following command:

rpmbuild -bb --define 'install_in_opt 1' --define 'install_modulefile
1' --define 'modules_rpm_name environment-modules' --define
'build_all_in_one_rpm 0' --define 'configure_options
--with-tm=/opt/torque' --define '_name openmpi-gcc' --define 'makeopts
-J8' openmpi-1.3.2.spec

With 1.5, this fails with:

configure: WARNING: *** This configure script does not support
--program-prefix, --program-suffix or --program-transform-name. Users
are recommended to instead use --prefix with a unique directory and
make symbolic links as desired for renaming.
configure: error: *** Cannot continue

I thought it might have been the --define '_name ...', so I removed
that, but got the same error.

For me, the _name is important, as I build for two different compilers
and need to have the resulting RPMs named accordingly (and have them
installed in their own /opt/opemmpi-gcc, etc directories).

Any suggestions how to proceed? (the specific version of openmpi in
this case is the one available for download on Nov 2 from the main
website; obtained via the src.rpm download)