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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] OpenMPI 1.4.2 with Myrinet MX, mpirun seg faults
From: Raymond Muno (muno_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-10-20 21:43:44

  On 10/20/2010 8:30 PM, Scott Atchley wrote
> Are you building OMPI with support for both MX and IB? If not and you only want MX support, try configuring OMPI using --disable-memory-manager (check configure for the exact option).
> We have fixed this bug in the most recent 1.4.x and 1.5.x releases.
> Scott

Hmmm, not sure which configure option you want me to try.

$ ./configure --help | grep memory
   --enable-mem-debug enable memory debugging (debugging only)
   --enable-mem-profile enable memory profiling (debugging only)
   --enable-memchecker Enable memory and buffer checks. Note that
                           Use TYPE for intercepting memory management
calls to
                           control memory pinning.

]$ ./configure --help | grep disable
       --cache-file=FILE cache test results in FILE [disabled]
   --disable-option-checking ignore unrecognized --enable/--with options
   --disable-FEATURE do not include FEATURE (same as
                           building Open MPI (default: disabled)
                           general MPI users!) (default: disabled)
   --disable-debug-symbols Disable adding compiler flags to enable debugging
   --enable-peruse Support PERUSE interface (default: disabled)
   --enable-pty-support Enable/disable PTY support for STDIO forwarding.
                           dlopen implies --disable-mca-dso. (default:
                           support (default: disabled)
                           MPI applications (default: disabled)
                           This option ignores the --disable-binaries option
   --disable-ipv6 Disable IPv6 support (default: enabled, but
only if
   --disable-dependency-tracking speeds up one-time build
   --enable-smp-locks enable smp locks in atomic ops. Do not disable if
   --disable-ft-thread Disable fault tolerance thread running inside all
                           disable building all maffinity components and the
                           as static disables it building as a DSO.
                           --enable-mca-no-build list (default: disabled)
   --disable-executables Using --disable-executables disables building and
                           --disable-included-mode, meaning that the
PLPA is in
                           InfiniBand ConnectX adapters, you may disable the
                           (default: disabled)
   --disable-mpi-io Disable built-in support for MPI-2 I/O, likely
   --disable-io-romio Disable the ROMIO MPI-IO component
                           "--enable-contrib-no-build=libtrace,vt" will
   --disable-libtool-lock avoid locking (might break parallel builds)
                           (default: disabled).
                           (default: disabled)