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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Install OpenMPI on Win 7 machine
From: Damien (damien_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-12 17:38:16


That red window is what you should see after the first Configure step in
CMake. You need to do the next few steps in CMake and Visual Studio to
get a Windows OpenMPI build done. That's how CMake works. It's
complicated because CMake has to be able to build on multiple OSes so
what you do on each OS is different. Here's what to do:

As part of your original CMake setup, it will have asked you where to
put the CMake binaries. That's in "Where to build the binaries" line in
the main CMake window, at the top. Note that these binaries aren't the
OpenMPI binaries, they're the Visual Studio project files that Visual
Studio uses to build the OpenMPI binaries.

See the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE line? It says Debug. Change Debug to Release
if you want a Release build (you probably do). Press the Configure
button again and let it run. That should be all clean. Now press the
Generate button. That will build the Visual Studio project files for
you. They'll go to the "Where to build the binaries" directory. From
here you're done with CMake.

Next you have two options. You can build from a command line, or from
within Visual Studio itself. For command-line instructions, read this:

Note that you need to execute the devenv commands in that post from
within a Visual Studio command prompt: Start, All Programs, Visual
Studio 2008, Visual Studio Tools, Visual Studio 2008 Win64 x64 Command
Prompt. I'm assuming you want a 64-bit build. You need to be in that
"Where to build the binaries" directory as well.

To use Visual Studio directly, start Visual Studio, and open the
OpenMPI.sln project file that's in your "Where to build the binaries"
directory. In the Solution Explorer you'll see a list of sub-projects.
Right-click the top heading: Solution 'Open MPI' and select
Configuration Manager. You should get a window that says at the top
Active Solution Configuration, with Release below it. If it says Debug,
just change that to Release and it will flip all the sub-projects over
as well. Note on the the list of projects the INSTALL project will not
be checked. Check that now and close the window. Now right-click
Solution 'Open MPI' again and hit Build Solution. It takes a while to
compile everything. If you get errors about error code -31 and mt.exe
at the end of the build, that's your virus scanner locking the new
exe/dll files and the install project complains. Keep right-clicking
and Build Solution until it goes through. The final Open MPI include
files and binaries are in the C:\Users\Alex's\Downloads......\installed



PS OpenMPI 1.4.2 doesn't have Fortran support on Windows. You need the
dev 1.5 series for that and a Fortran compiler.

On 12/07/2010 11:35 AM, Alexandru Blidaru wrote:
> Hey,
> I installed a 90 day trial of Visual Studio 2008, and I am pretty sure
> I am getting the exact same thing. The log and the picture are
> attached just as last time. Any new ideas?
> Regards,
> Alex