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Subject: [OMPI users] problems with turbFoam
From: asmae.elbahlouli_at_[hidden]
Date: 2010-06-22 09:43:07

hello, i'm new with openfoam and i have a problem with a mpirun, when a type in the terminal : mpirun -np 30 -machinefile machinefile turbFoam -parallel | tee 2>&1 log/turb.log

it runs, after a while it stops with this message :

Create time                                                                   
Create mesh for time = 4000
Reading field p
Reading field U
Reading/calculating face flux field phi
[23] keyword PISO is undefined in dictionary "/media/OpenFoam/Travaux/psa-habitacle/foamProMesh-pisoFoam/turbtest/turbFoam/processor23/system/fvSolution"
[23] file: /media/OpenFoam/Travaux/psa-habitacle/foamProMesh-pisoFoam/turbtest/turbFoam/processor23/system/fvSolution from line 3 to line 31.
[23]     From function dictionary::subDict(const word& keyword) const
[23]     in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 271.
FOAM parallel run exiting
MPI_ABORT was invoked on rank 23 in communicator MPI_COMM_WORLD with errorcode 1.
NOTE: invoking MPI_ABORT causes Open MPI to kill all MPI processes.
You may or may not see output from other processes, depending on exactly when Open MPI kills them.

mpirun has exited due to process rank 23 with PID 30795 on node exiting without calling "finalize". This may have caused other processes in the application to be terminated by signals sent by mpirun (as reported here).

but when i replace  turbFoam in the mpirun with simpleFoam it runs correctly.  Someone knows what is the problem?