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Subject: [OMPI users] A problem with 'mpiexec -launch-agent'
From: Zhang Linbo (zlb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-06-13 03:02:18


I'm new to OpenMPI and have encountered a problem with mpiexec.

Since I need to set up the execution environment for OpenMPI programs
on the execution nodes, I use the following command line to launch an
OMPI program:

    mpiexec -launch-agent /some_path/myscript ....

The problem is: the above command works fine if I invoke 'mpiexec'
without an absolute path just like above (assuming the PATH variable
is properly set), but if I prepend an absolute path to 'mpiexec', e.g.:

    /OMPI_dir/bin/mpiexec -launch-agent /some_path/myscript ....

then I get the following error message:

bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('
bash: -c: line 0: ` PATH=/OMPI_dir/bin:$PATH ; export PATH ;
; /some_path/myscript /OMPI_dir/bin/(null) --daemonize -mca ess env -mca
orte_ess_jobid 1978662912 -mca orte_ess_vpid 1 -mca orte_ess_num_procs 2
--hnp-uri "1978662912.0;tcp://;tcp://"'

I'd like to know what causes the above problem and how should I deal
with it.
I want to use absolute pathname of mpiexec to avoid possible inteferences
with other MPI installations. Thanks in advance.