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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Fortran support on Windows Open-MPI
From: Damien (damien_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-10 16:08:32

Interesting. If I add the Fortran compiler as a new entry through the
GUI, CMake wipes it. If I use the option to specify the compiler paths
manually on Configure, I can add the Fortran compiler in that way and it

Then there's a compiler error. In
orte\mca\odls\process\odls_process_module.c, right at the top, there's

static bool odls_process_child_died( pid_t pid, unsigned int timeout,
                                      int* exit_status )
     int error;
                                  (DWORD)pid );
     if( 0 == child->pid || INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE == handle ) {
         error = GetLastError();
         /* Let's suppose that the process dissapear ... by now */
         return true;
     /* The child didn't die, so return false */
     return false;

This line "0 == child->pid" causes a compiler error that tanks the
build, because child doesn't exist in that scope. Should that just be
"0 == pid", seeing as pid is the argument passed to the function
anyway? The build seems fine with this fix.

Finally, there's an installation error on mpi_portable_platform.h. That
file isn't generated as part of the build, and the installation command
is around line 150 of ompi/CMakeLists.txt. If you comment out the
installation of that file the installation works correctly.

I used the 1.5a1r23092 snapshot for this.

Now to make sure it works...


On 10/05/2010 4:50 AM, Shiqing Fan wrote:
> Hi,
> Normally, that means a wrong path or incompatible compiler version,
> e.g. 32 bit vs 64 bit.
> Shiqing
> On 2010-5-7 6:54 PM, Damien wrote:
>> nd 2.8.1. In the CMake GUI, I checked the OMPI_WANT_F77_BINDINGS
>> option, and added a FilePath for CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER of C:/Program
>> Files (x86)/Intel/Compiler/11.1/065/bin/ia32/ifort.exe. When I
>> re-run the Configure, CMake wipes the CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER variable
>> and complains about a missing Fortran compiler. Any suggestions?