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Subject: [OMPI users] Problem with mpi_comm_spawn_multiple
From: Fred Marquis (a.marquis_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-05 14:08:20


  I am using mpi_comm_spawn_multiple to spawn multiple commands with argument lists. I am trying to do this in fortran (77) using version openmpi-1.4.1 and the ifort compiler v9.0. The operating system is SuSE Linux 10.1 (x86-64).

I have put together a simple controlling example program (test_pbload.F) and an example slave program (spray.F) to try and explain my problem.

In the controlling program mpi_comm_spawn_multiple is used to set 2 copies of the slave running. The first is started with the argument list "1 2 3 4" and the second with "5 6 7 8".

The slaves are started OK and the slaves print out the argument lists and exit. In addition the slaves print out their rank numbers so I can see which argument list belongs to which slave.

What I am finding is that the argument lists are not being sent to the slaves correctly, indeed both slaves seem to be getting both arguments lists !!!

To compile and run the programs I follow the steps below.

Controlling program "test_pbload.F"

   mpif77 -o test_pbload test_pbload.F

Slave program "spray.F"

   mpif77 -o spray spray.F

Run the controller

   mpirun -np 1 test_pbload

The output of which is from the first slave:

 nsize, mytid: iargs 2 0 : 2
 spray: 0 1:1 2 3 4 < FIRST ARGUMENT
 spray: 0 2:4 5 6 7 < SECOND ARGUMENT

 and the second slave:

 nsize, mytid: iargs 2 1 : 2
 spray: 1 1:1 2 3 4 < FIRST ARGUMENT
 spray: 1 2:4 5 6 7 < SECOND ARGUMENT

In each case the arguments (2 in both cases) are the same.

I have written a C version of the controlling program and everthing works as expected so I presume that I have either got the specification of the argument list wrong or I have discovered an error/bug. At the moment I working on the former -- but am at a loss to see what is wrong !!

Any help, pointers etc really appreciated.

Controlling program (that uses MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE) test_pbload.F

      program main
      implicit none
#include "mpif.h"

      integer error
      integer intercomm
      CHARACTER*25 commands(2), argvs(2, 2)
      integer nprocs(2),info(2),ncpus
      call mpi_init(error)
       ncpus = 2
       commands(1) = ' ./spray '
       nprocs(1) = 1
       info(1) = MPI_INFO_NULL
       argvs(1, 1) = ' 1 2 3 4 '
       argvs(1, 2) = ' '
       commands(2) = ' ./spray '
       nprocs(2) = 1
       info(2) = MPI_INFO_NULL
       argvs(2, 1) = ' 4 5 6 7 '
       argvs(2, 2) = ' '
      call mpi_comm_spawn_multiple( ncpus,
     1 commands, argvs, nprocs, info,
     2 0, MPI_COMM_WORLD, intercomm,
     3 MPI_ERRCODES_IGNORE, error )
      call mpi_finalize(error)

Slave program (started by the controlling program) spray.F

      program main
      integer error
      integer pid
      character*20 line(100)
      call mpi_init(error)
      write(*,*) 'nsize, mytid: iargs', nsize, mytid, ":", iargs
      if( ) then
         do i = 1, iargs
            call getarg(i,line(i))
     1 'spray: ',mytid,i,line(i)
      call mpi_finalize(error)