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Subject: [OMPI users] Totalview ( tvscript ) & Open MPI problem with memory debugging
From: Conboy, James (Jim.Conboy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-21 08:09:06

( For information only )

I reported a bug which stops Totalview saving .mdbg files using tvscript

mpirun -V mpirun (Open MPI) 1.4
totalview -v Linux x86 TotalView 8.8.0-0

This is logged ( by Totalview )as

CR 12192 - Tvscript fails to save mdbg file when specified with line
action point during OpenMPI debugging

Running this script ( under Sun grid engine )-

 tvscript -verbosity=info -memory_debugging \
   -create_actionpoint "mpiPi.F#92=>save_memory_debugging_file" \
   -stdin ../_pi_ -stdout mpi_pi.log \
   -mpi "Open MPI" -np $NSLOTS $XE/mpiPi

  - gives an error ( for each process )
 Thread 1.1 hit breakpoint 3 at line 92 in "MAIN"

 ERROR: Failed call to action handler with command
 'memory_action_save_memory_debugging_file {options {} actionpoint_id 3
 thread_id 1.1 event actionpoint actionpoint_source_loc_expr 92
 process_id 1}' (expected integer but got "1190_at_145.239.47.142")

 ( & no .mdgb files.. ) Non-memory options ( eg traceback ) appear to
work OK

With Totalview 8.6 & OpenMPI 1.3.3 I got

ERROR: Unknown event while trying to notify handlers
Killed slave process 4, named "mpiPi"

        when trying to launch the processes, so 8.8/1.4 is a definite

                Jim Conboy ( Culham Centre for Fusion Energy )