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Subject: [OMPI users] unresolved symbol mca_base_param_reg_int
From: Nev (openmpi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-17 21:05:37

I am having a problem running application with OpenMpi version 1.4.1.
The system works with version 1.2.7, but fails with version 1.3.4 and
1.4.1. (These are the only version I have tried).

My application is linked against a shared library which does a dlopen of
a 2nd shared "C" library which is compiled and linked using mpicc. The
application and first shared library are C++.
I rebuild and relink the 2nd shared library each time I change the
openmpi build.

When MPI_init is called I get the following error
symbol lookup error: /opt/openmpi/lib/openmpi/
undefined symbol: mca_base_param_reg_int

This does NOT occur with OpenMpi version 1.2.7, Or if I build OpenMpi as
a static library, and then link against this static library.

I am building a default openmpi except for --prefix=/opt/openmpi and
--enable-static --disable-shared for static library build.

I would link to be able to use non static openmpi build.

Any suggestion on what I am doing wrong?

Thanks Nev