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Subject: [OMPI users] Help om Openmpi
From: Huynh Thuc Cuoc (htcuoc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-03-31 03:39:08

Dear all,
I had install my cluster which the configuration as following:
- headnode :
  + linux CenOS 5.4, 4 CPUs, 3G RAM
  + sun gridengine sge6.0u12. The headnode is admin and submit node too.
  + Openmpi 1.2.9. In the installation openmpi :.configure
--prefix=/opt/openmpi --with-sge ...Processes complilation and make was
  + I have 2 others nodes which confg. are: 4 CPU, 1 G RAM and on which run
Testing for SGE on headnode and nodes by qsub was fine.
When testing openmpi with as folowing:
[guser1_at_ioitg2 examples]$ /opt/openmpi/bin/mpirun -np 4 --hostfile myhosts
Hello, world! I am 0 of 4
Hello, world! I am 1 of 4
Hello, world! I am 3 of 4
Hello, world! I am 2 of 4
[guser1_at_ioitg2 examples]$

The openmpi runs well.
My file myhosts: slots=4 slots=4 slots=4

Now for more processes:
[guser1_at_ioitg2 examples]$ /opt/openmpi/bin/mpirun -np 6 --hostfile myhosts
guser1_at_[hidden]'s password:
Failed to find the following executable:

Executable: hello_cxx

Cannot continue.
mpirun noticed that job rank 0 with PID 19164 on node on signal 15 (Terminated).
3 additional processes aborted (not shown)
[guser1_at_ioitg2 examples]$

This is error massage. I was login on node1 successful.

PLS, Help me. What problems I have 9installation, configurations, ...). Have
I install openmpi on all nodes ?

Thank you very much and I am waitting your helps.