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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Anybody built a working 1.4.1 on Solaris 8, (Sparc)?
From: Terry Dontje (Terry.Dontje_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-09 06:36:10

> Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 16:16:29 -0800 From: "David Mathog"
> <mathog_at_[hidden]
>> > We haven't tried Solaris 8 in quite some time. However, for your first
>> > issue did you include the --enable-heterogeneous option on your
>> > configure command?
>> >
>> > Since you are mix IA-32 and SPARC nodes you'll want to include this so
>> > the endian issue doesn't bite you.
> Added that on the configure, rebuilt, installed, and now the examples work.
Glad to hear that.
> Any thoughts on the Forte compiler issue? This is not quite as pressing
> now that the gcc version works, and most of the computation will be on
> the remote nodes anyway. Still, the Forte compilers should generate
> faster code than gcc, and I would prefer to use them if possible.
Are you using the vampir tracing feature? If not I would add the
"--enable-contrib-no-build=vt" option to your configure line and see if
that works.

Beware, I don't think we've tried compiling OMPI with Forte 7. Also
note omp.h is for OpenMP not MPI. It looks like the last error you ran
into with may be an issue with the Forte 7 C++ compiler.


> Thanks,
> David Mathog
> mathog_at_[hidden]
> Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech