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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] mpirun with WMI on Windows 7
From: Shiqing Fan (fan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-02 12:17:09

Hi Charles,

On the local machine, which can be considered also as the "head node",
no orted will be launched, the mpirun itself works as it locally.

Did you see any error message on the command prompt? That would be very

To do a simple test, just try to launch notepad on remote node: mpirun
-np 1 -host host1 notepad.exe , and this will do the same thing as you
run the wmic command line.

If that works, it might mean that, you didn't copy your MPI application
onto the remote node, which should present in the same path as on all
working nodes, for example, on working nodes, your application could be
placed at: D:\tests\app\app.exe (You have to do so, because the wmi
impersonate level doesn't support network share yet. I'm still hacking
on this to break the limit.). And then you can run the mpirun command
line supplied with the application full path or directly run it under
the application path.


Charles Shuller wrote:
> Thanks Shiqing!
> Unfortunately, it still doesn't work, but I've got more info.
> I can use wmic to start an application on the remote machine, but that
> application does not start in the current login process (notepad.exe
> starts, but I have to ask task manager to show all processes to find
> it, even though I'm currently logged in as the same user). I believe
> this is expected behavior, please let me know if it's not.
> When using mpirun, I can verify that orted starts on the remote
> machine, but the crash or hang appears to happen before the
> application starts execution. Oddly, orted does not appear to start
> on the local machine. Logs all refer to mpirun crashing.
> Cheers!
> Charles
> On 1/29/2010 2:56 AM, Shiqing Fan wrote:
>> Hi Charles,
>> You don't need to install anything, but just a few security setting
>> has to be correctly configured. Here are two links might be helpful
>> (will be added into README.WINDOWS too):
>> On the other hand, in order to check if WMI is working between the
>> nodes, you can try with command:
>> C:\>wmic /node: /user:username process call create
>> notepad.exe
>> the ip has to be the remote computer ip address, and the user name is
>> which you use on remote computer. This command line will simply
>> launch a non-interactive notepad (no GUI) on remote node using WMI,
>> if it is successful, you should be able to see a notepad process in
>> Task Manager or Process Viewer, and that also means mpirun will work
>> through WMI.
>> Could you check with the above command, and possibly tell me the
>> return value, so that I can help you to make it work.
>> Regards,
>> Shiqing
>> Charles Shuller wrote:
>>> When attempting to launch an application on both local and remote
>>> windows7 hosts, mpirun either hangs indefinately or abends.
>>> The application executes correctly on both machines, when only launched
>>> on a single host.
>>> I believe mpirun is using WMI, README.WINDOWS indicates that this is
>>> the
>>> case if I don't have the CCP toolkit and SDK installed, which I
>>> don't. Additionally, I have encountered and resolved some security
>>> issues
>>> following this assumption.
>>> Any advice is welcome. I'm not married to WMI, so if the solution is
>>> "install something else" I'm great with that.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Charles
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