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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] ABI stabilization/versioning
From: Dave Love (d.love_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-01-26 06:15:45

Manuel Prinz <manuel_at_[hidden]> writes:

> The ABI should be stable since 1.3.2. OMPI 1.4.x does set the libtool
> version info;

Oh, sorry. I grepped the code for the relevant libtool args and
couldn't see any evidence it was done. I wonder how I missed it.

> Versions where bumped to 0.0.1 for libmpi which has no
> effect for dynamic linking.

I've forgotten the rules on this, but the point is that it needs to
affect dynamic linking to avoid running with earlier libraries
(specifically picking up ones from 1.2, which is the most common

> Could you please elaborate on what needs to be addressed? Debian does
> not have 1.4.1 yet though I'm planning to upload it really soon.

I just looked at the most recent 1.3.something in the pool.

> The ABI
> did not change (also not in an incompatible way, AFAICS). If you know of
> any issues, I'd be glad if you could tell us, so we can find a solution
> before any damage is done. Thanks in advance!

Maybe there isn't a problem, but it sounds as if you could still get an
incompatible version dynamically linked. We don't run Debian on the
clusters (unfortunately), and I don't have time to check what happens in
a VM just now. If you're confident that binaries won't dynamically link
incompatible libraries, that's good. Thanks for maintaining it, even
though I can't use it; I don't understand the prejudice against
Debian-ish systems on clusters.

Apologies for the confusion.