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Subject: [OMPI users] OpenMPI problem on Fedora Core 12
From: Gijsbert Wiesenekker (gijsbert.wiesenekker_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-13 13:04:25

The following routine gives a problem after some (not reproducible) time on Fedora Core 12. The routine is a CPU usage friendly version of MPI_Barrier.
The verbose output shows that if the problem occurs one of the (not reproducible) nodes does not receive a message from one of the other (not reproducible) nodes, so it looks like the message is lost or is never received. This routine worked fine on Fedora Core 10 with OpenMPI 1.3.x and works fine on Centos 5.3 with OpenMPI 1.3.x. The problem occurs with OpenMPI 1.3.x, OpenMPI 1.4, gcc and icc.
My question is: is there a problem with this routine that I overlooked that somehow did not show up until now, and if not, how can I debug what causes this problem. Is there a way to see which messages have been sent/received/are pending?


local void my_barrier(char * info, MPI_Comm comm, int verbose)
        int ncomm;
        int comm_id;
        int send[MPI_NPROCS_MAX];
        MPI_Request request[MPI_NPROCS_MAX];
        int icomm;
        int done[MPI_NPROCS_MAX];
        time_t t0, t1;
        double wall[MPI_NPROCS_MAX];
        double wall_max;

        BUG(mpi_nprocs == 1)

        MPI_Comm_size(comm, &ncomm);
        BUG(ncomm < 1)
        MPI_Comm_rank(comm, &comm_id);

        my_printf("entering barrier %s %d %d\n", info, ncomm, comm_id);
        for (icomm = 0; icomm < ncomm; icomm++) send[icomm] = comm_id;
        for (icomm = 0; icomm < ncomm; icomm++)
                if (icomm != comm_id)
                        if (verbose) my_printf("sending from %d to %d\n", comm_id, icomm);
                        MPI_Isend(send + icomm, 1, MPI_INT, icomm, MPI_BARRIER_TAG,
                                comm, request + icomm);
                        done[icomm] = FALSE;
                        done[icomm] = TRUE;
                wall[icomm] = 0.0;
        t0 = time(NULL);
                int receive;
                int flag;
                MPI_Status status;

                MPI_Iprobe(MPI_ANY_SOURCE, MPI_BARRIER_TAG,
                        comm, &flag, &status);
                if (!flag)
                        my_sleep(0, BARRIER_POLL);
                BUG(status.MPI_SOURCE < 0)
                BUG(status.MPI_SOURCE >= ncomm)
                MPI_Recv(&receive, 1, MPI_INT, status.MPI_SOURCE, MPI_BARRIER_TAG,
                        comm, &status);
                BUG(receive != status.MPI_SOURCE)
                if (verbose) my_printf("receiving from %d\n", status.MPI_SOURCE);

                t1 = time(NULL);
                done[status.MPI_SOURCE] = TRUE;
                wall[status.MPI_SOURCE] = difftime(t1, t0);

                for (icomm = 0; icomm < ncomm; icomm++)
                        if (!done[icomm]) break;
                if (icomm == ncomm) break;
        my_printf("leaving barrier %s\n", info);

        wall_max = 0;
        for (icomm = 0; icomm < ncomm; icomm++)
                if (verbose)
                        my_printf("icomm=%d time=%.0f%s\n",
                                icomm, wall[icomm], icomm == comm_id ? " *" : "");
                if (wall[icomm] > wall_max) wall_max = wall[icomm];
        //to be sure
        MPI_Allreduce(MPI_IN_PLACE, &wall_max, 1,
                MPI_DOUBLE, MPI_MAX, comm);
        my_printf("mpi wall_max=%.0f\n", wall_max);