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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Open MPI and env. variables (LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH) - complete and utter Open MPI / Linux noob
From: Tomislav Maric (tomislav.maric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-08-03 07:35:30

Thank you Dominik for all your help!!

I've solved the problem: execute : printenv > ~/.ssh/environment

edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set PermitUserEnvironment to "yes" and
check that UseLogin is set to "no"

scp hostname ~/.ssh/environment user_at_hostname:~/.ssh/environment

edit sshd_config on the other host and set the same things.

Works like a charm!


Dominik Táborský wrote:
> I'm sorry, I can't help you with NFS. I have never had it on my network.
> Good luck anyway... :)
> Tomislav Maric píše v Ne 02. 08. 2009 v 20:18 +0200:
>> Dominik Táborský wrote:
>>> Okay, now it's getting more confusing since I just found out that it
>>> somehow stopped working for me!
>>> Anyway, let's find a solution.
>>> I found out that there is difference between
>>> ssh node1 echo $PATH
>>> and
>>> ssh node1 'echo $PATH'
>>> These command give you different output. 'man ssh' states that it sets
>>> its own PATH variable right before the user logs in but after the
>>> connection is established. This variable is set during compilation.
>>> I am using dropbear as SSH2 server so I won't be able to guide you if
>>> you're using OpenSSH as a server, but the manpages should be sufficient.
>>> Look into man ssh and man ssh_config. You should create files ~/.ssh/rc
>>> OR ~/.ssh/config OR ~/.ssh/environment. Setting it up in one of these
>>> files should be enough.
>>> I will probably recompile dropbear with new default PATH.
>>> Anyway, I am sure it used to work for me and I have no idea why it
>>> stopped.
>>> If you'd need more help, just ask :-)
>>> Dr. Eddy
>> Thank you very much!! I'm also finding out about those files and I'm
>> using OpenSSH. I'll try and configure it to work. The weirdest thing is
>> that people who use Ubuntu on OpenFOAM forum just had to comment a line
>> in .bashrc that returns if the bash is run in non-interactive mode.
>> I just don't get it. Let me ask you just one thing, before the next 5-6
>> hours of fighting with config files:
>> what about NFS?
>> What if I export the directory? On OMPI pages is written that nfs
>> simplifies things. I'm noob in networking so I don't know if this would
>> benefit me.
>> If I edit ~/.ssh/environment then I have to manually set VARIABLE=VALUE,
>> and there are dozens of variables to set. I think I'll try the rc file
>> first.
>> Thank you again!
>> Best regards,
>> Tomislav
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