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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Open MPI and env. variables (LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH) - complete and utter Open MPI / Linux noob
From: Tomislav Maric (tomislav.maric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-08-02 07:09:23

Prasadcse Perera wrote:
> Hi,
> One workaround is you can define PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your common
> .bashrc and have a resembling paths of installation in two nodes. This
> works for me nicely with my three node installation :).

Thank you very much for the advice. Actually I'm running OpenFOAM (read:
a program parallelized to run with Open MPI) from SLAX Live DVD, so the
installation paths are identical, as well as everything else.

I've added commands that set enviromental variables in .bashrc on both
nodes, but you mention "common .bashrc". Common in what way? I'm sorry
for newbish question, again, I'm supposed to be a Mechanical Engineer.

OpenFOAM toolkit carries a separate directory for third-party support
software. In this directory there are programs for postprocessing
simulation results and analyze data and Open MPI. Therefore, in my case,
Open MPI is built in a separate directory and the build is automated.

After the build of both programs, there is a special bashrc located in


that sets all the variables needed to use Open FOAM, such as
FOAM_TUTORIALS (where are the tutorials), FOAM_RUN (where is the working
dir), WM_COMPILER (what compiler to use), etc. This bashrc also sets
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH so that locally installed Open MPI can be found.

I've tried this installation on the Live DVD on my laptop with two
cores, decomposed the case and ran the simulation in parallel without a

I hope this information is more helpful.

Best regards,