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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] LSF launch with OpenMPI
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-05-06 15:12:12

On May 5, 2009, at 10:01 AM, Matthieu Brucher wrote:

> > What Terry said is correct. It means that "mpirun" will use,
> under the
> > covers, the "native" launching mechanism of LSF to launch jobs
> (vs., say,
> > rsh or ssh). It'll also discover the hosts to use for this job
> without the
> > use of a hostfile -- it'll query LSF directly to see what hosts it
> should
> > use.
> OK, so I have to do something like:
> bsub -n ${CPUS} mpirun myapplication
> Is it what I think?

I don't know what you think. ;-) But I think that your above command
might be correct. You want *1* copy of mpirun to execute. Hence, if

bsub -n ${CPUS} uptime

launches ${CPUS} copies of uptime, then the above command is not
correct. You want to submit an ${CPUS} processor job to LSF and have
*one* copy of "mpirun myapplication" run -- mpirun will then invoke
the underlying stuff to launch ${CPUS} copies of myapplication and
join them together into a single MPI job.

> I've enclosed the configure output as well as the config.log. The
> problem is that my LSF (I didn't install it) 7.0.3 need libbat to be
> linked against llsbstream (I modified the configure script to add
> -llsbstream, and it compiled).

Huh! Odd -- we didn't need that before. Let me check with Platform...

FWIW, you should be able to run like this without modifying configure:

     ./configure LIBS=-llsbstream ....etc....

That should add -llsbstream in the Right places.

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems