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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] ssh MPi and program tests
From: Terry Frankcombe (terry_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-04-07 05:47:45

On Tue, 2009-04-07 at 11:39 +0200, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Hi Gus:
> I should have set clear at the beginning that on the Zyxel router
> (connected to Internet by dynamic IP afforded by the provider) there
> are three computers. Their host names:
> deb32 (desktop debian i386)
> deb64 (multisocket debian amd 64 lenny)
> tya64 (multisocket debian amd 64 lenny)
> The three are ssh passwordless interconnected from the same user
> (myself). I never established connections as root user because I have
> direct access to all tree computers. So, if I slogin as user,
> passwordless connection is established. If I try to slogin as root
> user, it says that the authenticity of the host to which I intended to
> connect can't be established, RSA key fingerprint .. Connect?
> Moreover, I appended to the pub keys know to deb64 those that deb64
> had sent to either deb32 or tya64. Whereby, when i command.
> With certain programs (conceived for batch run), the execution on
> deb64 is launched from deb32.
> ssh 192.168.#.## date (where the numbers stand for hostname)
> I copied /examples to my deb64 home, chown to me, compiled as user and
> run as user "connectivity". (I have not compild in the openmpi
> directory as this is to root user, while ssh has been adjusted for me
> as user.
> Running as user in my home
> /usr/local/bin/mpirun -deb64 -1 connectivity_c 2>&1 | tee n=1.connectivity.out
> it asked to add the host (himself) to the list on known hosts (on
> repeating the command, that was no more asked). The unabridged output:

The easiest setup is for the executable to be accessible on all nodes,
either copied or on a shared filesystem. Is that the case here?

(I haven't read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been