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Subject: [OMPI users] Incorrect results with MPI-IO under OpenMPI v1.3.1
From: Scott Collis (sscollis_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-04-06 14:16:18

I have been a user of MPI-IO for 4+ years and have a code that has run
correctly with MPICH, MPICH2, and OpenMPI 1.2.*

I recently upgraded to OpenMPI 1.3.1 and immediately noticed that my
MPI-IO generated output files are corrupted. I have not yet had a
chance to debug this in detail, but it appears that
MPI_File_write_all() commands are not placing information correctly on
their file_view when running with more than 1 processor (everything is
okay with -np 1).

Note that I have observed the same incorrect behavior on both Linux
and OS-X. I have also gone back and made sure that the same code
works with MPICH, MPICH2, and OpenMPI 1.2.* so I'm fairly confident
that something has been changed or broken as of OpenMPI 1.3.*. Just
today, I checked out the SVN repository version of OpenMPI and built
and tested my code with that and the results are incorrect just as for
the 1.3.1 tarball.

While I plan to continue to debug this and will try to put together a
small test that demonstrates the issue, I thought that I would first
send out this message to see if this might trigger a thought within
the OpenMPI development team as to where this issue might be.

Please let me know if you have any ideas as I would very much
appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,


Scott Collis