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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Open MPI 2009 released
From: Jeff Layton (laytonjb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-04-02 06:09:51

I'm still looking for the new "-11" option that will allow OpenMPI compiled code to run even faster. I'm hoping that option makes it in soon (isn't it part of the 11.7 MPI standard?)


From: George Bosilca <bosilca_at_[hidden]>
To: Open MPI MPI Developers <devel_at_[hidden]>; Open MPI Users <users_at_[hidden]>
Sent: Wednesday, April 1, 2009 6:04:15 PM
Subject: [OMPI users] Open MPI 2009 released

The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of bailed-out banks, car
manufacturers, and insurance companies, is pleased to announce the
release of the "unbreakable" / bug-free version Open MPI 2009,
(expected to be available by mid-2011). This release is essentially a
complete rewrite of Open MPI based on new technologies such as C#,
Java, and object-oriented Cobol (so say we all!). Buffer overflows
and memory leaks are now things of the past. We strongly recommend
that all users upgrade to Windows 7 to fully take advantage of the new
powers embedded in Open MPI.

This version can be downloaded from the The Onion web site or from
many BitTorrent networks (seeding now; the Open MPI ISO is
approximately 3.97GB -- please wait for the full upload).

Here is an abbreviated list of changes in Open MPI 2009 as compared to
the previous version:

- Dropped support for MPI 2 in favor of the newly enhanced MPI 11.7
standard. MPI_COOK_DINNER support is only available with additional
equipment (some assembly may be required). An experimental PVM-like
API has been introduced to deal with the current limitations of the
MPI 11.7 API.
- Added a Twitter network transport capable of achieving peta-scale
per second bandwidth (but only on useless data).
- Dropped support for the barely-used x86 and x86_64 architectures in
favor of the most recent ARM6 architecture. As a direct result,
several Top500 sites are planning to convert from their now obsolete
peta-scale machines to high-reliability iPhone clusters using the
low-latency AT&T 3G network.
- The iPhone iMPI app (powered by iOpen MPI) is now downloadable from
the iTunes Store. Blackberry support will be included in a future
- Fix all compiler errors related to the PGI 8.0 compiler by
completely dropping support.
- Add some "green" features for energy savings. The new "--bike"
mpirun option will only run your parallel jobs only during the
operation hours of the official Open MPI biking team. The
"--preload-result" option will directly embed the final result in
the parallel execution, leading to more scalable and reliable runs
and decreasing the execution time of any parallel application under
the real-time limit of 1 second. Open MPI is therefore EnergyStar
compliant when used with these options.
- In addition to moving Open MPI's lowest point-to-point transports to
be an external project, limited support will be offered for
industry-standard platforms. Our focus will now be to develop
highly scalable transports based on widely distributed technologies
such as SMTP, High Performance Gopher (v3.8 and later), OLE COMM,
RSS/Atom, DNS, and Bonjour.
- Opportunistic integration with Conflicker in order to utilize free
resources distributed world-wide.
- Support for all Fortran versions prior to Fortran 2020 has been

Make today an Open MPI day!

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