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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] mpirun/exec requires ssh?
From: Simone Pellegrini (spellegrini_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-03-24 19:24:33

Hello everyone,
I have the same problem when I try to install openmpi 1.3.1 on my laptop
(Ubuntu 8.10 running on a dual core machine).

I did the same installation on Ubuntu 8.04 and everything works, but
here no matter what I do, every time I type mpirun the system prompt for
the password.

Actually, when I install openmpi as a super user and I try to run mpirun
(or mpicc) I get the following errors:
@eNerd:~$ mpicc
Cannot open configuration file /usr/share/openmpi/mpicc-wrapper-data.txt
Error parsing data file mpicc: Not found
@eNerd:~$ mpirun --np 2 ls
mpirun: symbol lookup error: mpirun: undefined symbol: orted_cmd_line

mpiexec on the other hand is working but asking for a password:

@eNerd:~/Desktop/openmpi-1.3.1$ mpiexec --np 2 ls
@enerd's password:
acinclude.m4 config.log Doxyfile Makefile ompi VERSION
aclocal.m4 config.status examples opal

cheers, Simone

Ralph Castain wrote:
> One thing you might want to try is blowing away that prefix dir and
> reinstalling OMPI 1.3.1. I'm not confident that "make uninstall" does
> an adequate job of cleaning things out. The problem is that there are
> major differences between 1.2.x and 1.3.x, and the uninstall may well
> miss some things as a result.
> Easy place to start, at least. ;-)
> On Mar 23, 2009, at 11:51 AM, Olaf Lenz wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Ralph Castain wrote:
>>> I regularly run jobs like that on 1.3.1 - it has no desire to use
>>> ssh to start anything. On a local host such as this command uses,
>>> all mpiexec does is fork/exec the procs.
>> That sounds strange. I'm just going back and forth between OpenMPI
>> 1.2.9 and OpenMPI 1.3.1 by using make uninstall/make install, and I
>> can always reproduce the behavior.
>>> It sounds like something strange is going on in your environment
>>> that makes OMPI think it is launching on a remote host. Most likely
>>> cause is
>>> something in your Ethernet configuration. Can you send us the output
>>> of ifconfig (or whatever your equivalent is)?
>> Ok, here is some information on my system:
>> * Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) alpha 6
>> * Core Duo CPU
>> * I have compiled both OpenMPI versions (1.2.9 and 1.3.1) myself, using
>> configure --prefix=$HOME/software --enable-shared --enable-static
>> Output of some ifconfig:
>> > ifconfig
>> eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1e:37:15:1b:70
>> inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
>> inet6 addr: fe80::21e:37ff:fe15:1b70/64 Scope:Link
>> RX packets:34185 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
>> TX packets:29386 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
>> collisions:0 txqueuelen:100
>> RX bytes:25645492 (25.6 MB) TX bytes:3921545 (3.9 MB)
>> Memory:fe000000-fe020000
>> lo Link encap:Local Loopback
>> inet addr: Mask:
>> inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host
>> RX packets:5372 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
>> TX packets:5372 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
>> collisions:0 txqueuelen:0
>> RX bytes:661715 (661.7 KB) TX bytes:661715 (661.7 KB)
>> tun0 Link encap:UNSPEC HWaddr
>> 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00
>> inet addr: P-t-P: Mask:
>> RX packets:2234 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
>> TX packets:3158 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
>> collisions:0 txqueuelen:100
>> RX bytes:940549 (940.5 KB) TX bytes:207091 (207.0 KB)
>> You need anything else?
>> Olaf
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