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Subject: [OMPI users] Bug reporting [was: OpenMPI 1.3]
From: Olaf Lenz (lenzo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-23 10:44:39


>> PS: It is not obvious on the OpenMPI web site where to report bugs. When
>> clicking on "Bug Tracking", which seems most obvious, I'm redirected to
>> the Trac Timeline, and there is no place where I can report bugs or
>> anything.
> Bummer; I had thought the Big Red Links for "Getting Help/Support" were
> obvious. :-(

Well, if I come to a site to report a bug, I am not exactly looking for
help or support, am I? in particular, if there is a link "Bug tracking",
it seems more obvious to me to follow that link.
Well, I guess this is a minor issue, and maybe everybody who clicks "Bug
Tracking" will sooner or later also click on "Getting Help/Support"...

> Indeed, the very first line of text on the
> page says:
> "If you have a bug report and/or patch for Open MPI, you should probably

Yes, this explains it - as soon as you have got to that page.

I think that a simple solution would be to put a link onto the Trac
Timeline page that says something like: "To report bugs, please refer to
the mailing list. This tracker is mostly for the OpenMPI developers." or
something like that. But I believe that this might not be as simple as
it sounds in Trac.