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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] open mpi 1.3 RDMA_CM_EVENT_CONNECT_ERROR
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-19 10:27:02

What iWARP hardware are you using?

I only tested with Chelsio T3 iWARP hardware before v1.3 was launched;
I tested with Intel (NetEffect) 020's after v1.3 was launched and
found that their driver in OFED v1.4.0 does not handle RDMA CM REJECT
messages correctly. I have not yet tested with any other iWARP

You probably don't care about the details; the high level description
of the problem is this: there are ordering issues in our
implementation during OpenFabrics wireups such that Open MPI insists
on connections being made in "one direction." If a connection is made
in "the Wrong direction", OMPI will REJECT the connection and initiate
a new connection in "the Right direction." It's this REJECT that the
Intel (NetEffect) driver doesn't handle properly, but it also explains
why reversing the order of your hosts works properly (because
connections will be made in the Right direction, and OMPI doesn't
issue REJECTs).

This gets complicated because both two different as-yet unreleased
pieces of software are compensating:

- Open MPI v1.3.1 (coming soon): contains a workaround for the Intel/
NetEffect RNICs that handles the fact that REJECT behavior misbehaves
in the OFED 1.4.0 Intel driver. It relies on detecting that it is
running on one of the misbehaving Intel RNICs to know when to apply
the workaround. You can also manually enable the workaround via an
MCA parameter.

- OFED v1.4.1 (coming soon): As of yesterday, Intel was on schedule to
deliver driver fixes for REJECT behavior for OFED v1.4.1. Hopefully,
they'll be able to stay on schedule and OFED v1.4.1 will contain the
fixes and OMPI 1.3 will work out-of-the-box.

The situation gets further complicated because the Intel RNICs do not
report their vendor/part IDs properly in OFED v1.4.0. Hence, Open MPI
v1.3.1 cannot automatically know to apply the workaround (because it
can't detect that it's running on a problematic RNIC); you
unfortunately have to set an MCA parameter to activate the workaround.

That being said, the fixes for the Intel RNICs to properly report
their vendor/part IDs have already been pushed upstream and will
definitely be included in OFED v1.4.1. So here's the possible outcomes:

1. OMPI v1.3.1 will definitely work with OFED v1.4.1 with Intel RNICs
(either via auto-detecting to use the workaround or if the Intel
REJECT driver problems get fixed).

2. OMPI v1.3.1 will work with OFED v1.4.0 if you manually set an MCA
parameter to activate the workaround (perhaps it would be convenient
to set that MCA param in the system-wide mca-params.conf file).

3. OMPI v1.3.0 will work with OFED v1.4.1 *if* Intel gets the REJECT
fixes pushed upstream in time for OFED v1.4.1.

So if you're running in Intel/NetEffect RNICs with OFED 1.4.0, you
might want to try a nightly OMPI v1.3.1 tarball. They're not yet
released, but they're darn close and pretty stable. If nothing else,
you can at least see if it works for you:

You may need to enable the
btl_openib_connect_rdmacm_reject_causes_connect_error MCA parameter
(yes, it's a long name on purpose :-) ), perhaps something like this:

     mpirun --mca
btl_openib_connect_rdmacm_reject_causes_connect_error 1 ....

To be absolutely clear: this MCA parameter and RDMA CM workaround does
not exist in OMPI v1.3.0. Since v1.3.1 final is not yet released, the
only way to try it out is via the v1.3.1 nightly tarballs (via the URL

Hope that helps!

On Feb 19, 2009, at 9:48 AM, viral.mehta_at_[hidden] wrote:

> Hi all,
> I successfully installed OpenMPI-1.3. I am trying to run OpenMPI
> over iWARP.
> But I am getting error
> I tried to run with more debug messages
> mpirun --mca orte_base_help_aggregate 0 -np 2 -display-map -v -host
> /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/tests/osu_benchmarks-3.0/osu_bw
> And I got
> [qa49:06449] *** Process received signal ***
> [qa49:06449] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
> [qa49:06449] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
> [qa49:06449] Failing at address: 0x1c
> [qa49:06449] [ 0] /lib64/tls/ [0x3c4d80c5b0]
> [qa49:06449] [ 1] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> [0x2a95868604]
> [qa49:06449] [ 2]
> /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> 0(opal_show_help_vstring+0xd5)
> [0x2a95867215]
> [qa49:06449] [ 3]
> /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> [0x2a9570d36f]
> [qa49:06449] [ 4] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/openmpi/
> [0x2a970a8e64]
> [qa49:06449] [ 5] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/openmpi/
> [0x2a970a2d0b]
> [qa49:06449] [ 6] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> [0x2a958557b8]
> [qa49:06449] [ 7]
> /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> [0x2a9584a80c]
> [qa49:06449] [ 8] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> [0x2a9558aa15]
> [qa49:06449] [ 9] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/lib64/
> 0(PMPI_Waitall+0x8a)
> [0x2a955b756a]
> [qa49:06449] [10]
> /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/tests/osu_benchmarks-3.0/osu_bw(main+0x29d)
> [0x401135]
> [qa49:06449] [11] /lib64/tls/
> [0x3c4cf1c3fb]
> [qa49:06449] [12] /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/tests/osu_benchmarks-3.0/
> osu_bw
> [0x400e0a]
> [qa49:06449] *** End of error message ***
> Am I doing something wrong ??
> Surprisingly,
> mpirun --mca orte_base_help_aggregate 0 -np 2 -display-map -v -host
> /usr/mpi/gcc/openmpi-1.3/tests/osu_benchmarks-3.0/osu_bw
> is working fine (notice just host arguments are swapped)
> Thanks,
> Viral
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