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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] question running on heterogeneous systems
From: Gus Correa (gus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-01-05 12:21:27

Mahmoud Payami wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 9:08 AM, doriankrause <doriankrause_at_[hidden]
> <mailto:doriankrause_at_[hidden]>> wrote:
> Mahmoud Payami wrote:
> Dear OpenMPI Users,
> I have two systems, one with Intel64 processor, and one with
> IA32. The OSs on first is CentOS-86_64 and the other
> CentOS-i386. I installed Intel fortran compiler 10.1 on both.
> In the first I use the fce, and in the second I use fc
> directories ( I have compiled openmpi
> separately on each machine. Now, I could not run my
> application whch is compiled on ia32 machine. Should I use
> "fc" instead of "fce" on intel64 and then compile openmpi with
> that?
> Could you give us some more information? What is the error message?
> You said that the application is compiled for the 32 bit
> architecture. I'm not used to mixing 32/64 bit architectures. Does
> the application run on each host seperately?
> Dorian
Hi Mahmoud, list
> Dear Dorian,
> Thank you for your contribution. The application, compiled on each
> box separately, is ok with mpi an no problem. Recently, I had checked
> that a binary file created on ia32, also works on 86_64 but the
> reverse is not true.
That is correct.
x86-64 architecture can run 32-bit binaries,
but 64-bit binaries don't work on x86 machines.
> So, why not a parallel program which is compiled on ia32 box? I think,
> if I configure and install openmpi using ia32 intel compiler on 86_64
> box, then it will be resolved.
1. You need to compile OpenMPI separately on each architecture.
Use the "--prefix=/path/to/my/openmpi/32bit/" (32-bit example/suggestion)
configure option, to install the two libraries on different locations,
if you want.
This will make clear for which architecture the library was built for.

2. You need to compile your application separately on each architecture,
and link to the OpenMPI libraries built for that specific architecture
according to item 1 above.
(I.e. don't mix apples and oranges.)

3. You need to have the correct environment variables set
on each machine architecture.
They are *different* on each architecture.

I.e., if you use Intel Fortran,
source the fc script on the 32bit machine,
and source the fce script on the 64-bit machine.

This can be done on the .bashrc or .tcshrc file.
If you have a different home directory on each machine,
you can write a .bashrc or .tcshrc file for each architecture.
If you have a single NFS mounted home directory,
use a trick like this (tcsh example):

if ( $HOST == "my_32bit_hostname" ) then
    source /path/to/intel/fc/bin/ifortvars.csh # Note "fc" here.
else if ( $HOST == "my_64bit_hostname" ) then
    source /path/to/intel/fce/bin/ifortvars.csh # Note "fce" here.

whatever your "my_32bit_hostname", "my_64bit_hostname".
/path/to/intel/fc/, and /path/to/intel/fce/ are.
(Do "hostname" on each machine to find out the right name to use.)

Likewise for the OpenMPI binaries (mpicc, mpif90, mpirun, etc):

if ( $HOST == "my_32bit_hostname" ) then
    setenv PATH /path/to/my/openmpi/32bit/bin:$PATH # Note "32bit" here.
else if ( $HOST == "my_64bit_hostname" ) then
    setenv PATH /path/to/my/openmpi/64bit/bin:$PATH # Note "64bit" here.

This approach also works for separate home directories "per machine"
(not NFS mounted), and is probably the simplest way to solve the problem.

There are more elegant ways to setup the environment of choice,
other than changing the user startup files.
For instance, you can write intel.csh and on the /etc/profile.d
to setup the appropriate environment as the user logs in.
See also the "environment modules" package:

4) If you run MPI programs across the two machines/architectures,
make sure to use the MPI types on MPI function calls correctly,
and to match them properly to the native Fortran (or C) types
on each machine/architecture.

I hope this helps.
Gus Correa
Gustavo Correa, PhD - Email: gus_at_[hidden]
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - Columbia University
Palisades, NY, 10964-8000 - USA
> I have to check it and will report the result. In present case, it is
> searching for shared which has some extension "..ELF...64". I
> have already added "/usr/local/lib" which contains mpi libs in
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH otherwise they would not work on each box even separatey.
> Bests, Happy 2009
> mahmoud
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