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Subject: [OMPI users] mpirun hang
From: Christophe Spaggiari (christophe.spaggiari_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-09-17 06:53:22

I am new to MPI and try to get my Open MPI environment up and running. I
have two machines Alpha and Beta, on which I have successfully installed
Open MPI in /usr/local/openmpi. I have made the ssh setting to not have to
enter password manually (using rsa keys), and I have modified the .rc files
to get the right path and right LD_LIBRARY_PATH when login using ssh on both

In order to check if my installation was working I have started "mpirun
hostname" on Alpha and it is working just fine.
I have tested as well "mpirun hostname" on Beta and it is working fine too.

I have tested "ssh beta env" to check that my setting are correct and it is
working as expected.

BUT when I am running "mpirun -host beta hostname" from Alpha nothing
happens. After several minutes I have to kill the "mpirun" process with
Ctrl-C (two times). Does any of you run into similar problem and could tell
me what I am doing wrong ? It seems that each local installation are working
fine but I can not start tasks on other nodes.

The interesting point is that when I run a "ps" on Beta I can see that a
"orted" process is started (and stay in process list) for each of my try to
run "mpirun" command from Alpha. So somehow Beta gets the command to start
orted and does it but then, nothing happens .......

I have been browsing the users list for similar issues and I found one guy
describing exactly the same problem but it was no answer to his post.

Not sure if this is relevant but Alpha and Beta are Sony PS3 machines
running Yellow Dog Linux 6.1

Thanks in advance for your help.