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Subject: [OMPI users] cluster LiveCD
From: Ben Payne ([hidden])
Date: 2008-08-05 18:01:18

Hello. I am not sure if this is the correct list to ask this
question, so if you know of a more appropriate one please let me know.

I think am looking for a LiveCD that supports MPI, specifically one
that has mpif90 built in, and can easily mount external (USB) drives
for storing data.

I have access to 40 Windows computers in a lab that rarely gets used.
I would like to use the computers to run a cluster during the
weekends, but be able to not mess with the Windows installation that
exists on the hard drive. Because of this, I think a LiveCD would be
good, and one that supports PXE booting is even better. If there is a
better way to do this (run MPI, not disrupt Windows) please let me

The applications that I want to run are originally written in
Fortran90 and have been ported to MPI (by me) and compile with mpif90.
 I have attempted to use ParallelKnoppix and PelicanHPC (see below)
and have spoken to the author of the distro, but he isn't explicitly
supporting mpif90.

>From the list at
I have tried many distros. Below are the results of my attempts with
the LiveCDs:

BCCD 2.2.1c7 [DHCP server, ssh "heartbeats"]:
mpiexec "command not found"
mpirun -np 1 ./a.out : "cannot execute binary file"
mpif90: "no fortran 90 compiler specified when mpif90 was created"
gfortran: "command not found"

PelicanHPC (Debian) [DHCP server, PXE boot]:
mpirun works
mpiexec works
gfortran works
mpif90: "command not found"

ParallelKnoppix 2.9 (Knoppix) [DHCP server, PXE boot]:
mpirun -np 1 ./a.out : "cannot execute binary file
mpiexec -np 1 ./a.out : "cannot execute binary file", "mpirun
failed with exit status 252"
gfortran works
mpif90: "command not found"
ifort: "command not found"
lamexec -np 1 ./a.out : "cannot execute binary file
Note: mounting external drives is most intuitive in PK

ClusterKnoppix: OpenMOSIX (no MPI)


Pai Pix: could not find on internet

Thanks for your help,