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Subject: [OMPI users] Problem with WRF and pgi-7.2
From: Brock Palen (brockp_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-21 14:08:04

Hi, When compiling WRF with PGI-7.2-1 with openmpi-1.2.6
The file buf_for_proc.c fails. Nothing specail about this file
sticks out to me. But older versions of PGI like it just fine. The
errors PGI complains about has to do with mpi.h though:

[brockp_at_nyx-login1 RSL_LITE]$ mpicc -DFSEEKO64_OK -w -O3 -
DDM_PARALLEL -c buf_for_proc.c
PGC-S-0036-Syntax error: Recovery attempted by inserting
identifier .Z0000 before '(' (/home/software/rhel4/openmpi-1.2.6/
pgi-7.0/include/mpi.h: 823)
PGC-S-0082-Function returning array not allowed (/home/software/rhel4/
openmpi-1.2.6/pgi-7.0/include/mpi.h: 823)
PGC-S-0043-Redefinition of symbol, MPI_Comm (/home/software/rhel4/
openmpi-1.2.6/pgi-7.0/include/mpi.h: 837)
PGC/x86-64 Linux 7.2-1: compilation completed with severe errors

Has anyone else seen that kind of problem with mpi.h and pgi? Do I
need to use -c89 ? I know PGI changed the default with this a while
back, but it does not appear to help.


Brock Palen
Center for Advanced Computing