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Subject: [OMPI users] Beginner Problem with OpenMPI (MPI_Waitall)
From: Joao Marcelo (jmarcelo.alencar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-27 09:54:56


I'm starting to code with MPI and decided to use openmpi. I'm using
Ubuntu Linux with GCC version 4.2.3 and OpenMPI 1.2.5 (distribution
package). The output of "ompi_info -- all" is attached. I'm also
sending a copy of the source code I'm trying to run.

What I'm trying to do is selecting process with rank 0 as the main
process, which you send data to all others processes with non-blocking
MPI_Isend. After all functions calls are performed, it will wait with
MPI_Waitall() and the print a ending message. The compile command is :

$ mpicc.openmpi -fopenmp mpi.c -o mpi

And I'm running with :

$ mpirun.openmpi -np 2 ./mpi

The problem is that after the output below, the processes halt,
without the ending message.

jmhal_at_galileo:~/$ mpirun.openmpi -np 2 ./mpi
Main process: 0.
1 - received value, rc value: 100 0

If I start more processes, for example 3, this what I get:

jmhal_at_galileo:~/$ mpirun.openmpi -np 3 ./mpi
Main process: 0.
1 - received value, rc value: 100 0
2 - received value, rc value: 100 0
[galileo:15807] *** Process received signal ***
[galileo:15807] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[galileo:15807] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
[galileo:15807] Failing at address: 0xd
[galileo:15807] [ 0] [0xb7f2a440]
[galileo:15807] [ 1] /usr/lib/openmpi/lib/openmpi/ [0xb7b49da8]
[galileo:15807] [ 2] /usr/lib/ [0xb7efd830]
[galileo:15807] [ 3] /usr/lib/ [0xb7ec48d6]
[galileo:15807] [ 4] /usr/lib/ [0xb7ee27d6]
[galileo:15807] [ 5] ./mpi(main+0x1bc) [0x8048a60]
[galileo:15807] [ 6]
/lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb7c47450]
[galileo:15807] [ 7] ./mpi [0x8048841]
[galileo:15807] *** End of error message ***
mpirun.openmpi noticed that job rank 0 with PID 15807 on node galileo
exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault).
2 additional processes aborted (not shown)

Which is ok since all messages were print, but what about the error message?

João Marcelo Uchôa de Alencar
Computer Science BSc.
Linux User 398939

  • text/x-csrc attachment: mpi.c