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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Open MPI instructional videos
From: Andreas Schäfer (gentryx_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-04 03:54:02

On 16:48 Tue 03 Jun , Jeff Squyres wrote:
> - more importantly, however, the audience likes to take the slides
> away and when they actually look at them 6 weeks after the lecture,
> they might actually remember the content better because they received
> the same information via two forms of sensory input (audio + visual).

I consider him as a authority on this subject: ;-)

> Plus it *is* just the builtin microphone on my Mac, so it may not be
> the greatest sound quality to begin with. :-)

*gasp* ;-)

> As for .mov, yes, this is definitely a compromise. I tried uploading
> the videos to YouTube and Google Video and a few others, but a) most
> have a time or file size restriction (e.g., 10 mins max) -- I was not
> willing to spend the extra work to split up the videos into multiple
> segments, and b) they down-res'ed the videos so much as to make the
> slides look crappy and/or unreadable. So I had to go with the video
> encoder that I could get for darn little money (Cisco's a big company,
> but my budget is still tiny :-) ). That turned out to be a fun little
> program called iShowU for OS X that does screen scraping + audio
> capture. It outputs Quicktime movies, so that was really my only
> choice.
> Is it a real hardship for people to install the QT player? Are there
> easy-to-install convertors? I'm not opposed to hosting it in multiple
> formats if it's easy and free to convert them.

Well, it's not so hard to install QT, but then again: many people
won't do it because it takes that two minutes extra. There are a lot
of open source converters. I prefer transcode (
and would suggest MPEG output (MPEG 4, or MPEG 2 if you really
must). But that's just what I prefer.


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