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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Running Hetergenous MPI Application Over Infiniband
From: Brad Benton (bradford.benton_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-05 16:17:10

Hello Ryan,

I have been running a similar heterogeneous setup in my lab; i.e., a mix of
ppc64 and x86_64 systems connected by ethernet and InfiniBand. In trying to
replicate your problem, what I see is that it is not an issue of processor
heterogeneity, but rather an issue with heterogeneous transports. Can you
remove the openib specifier from the btl lists in the appfile and try
again? I.e., force all inter-system communications over ethernet? For me,
that works. But, if I mix systems with IB with systems without IB, I, too,
see a hang...even if the processor architectures are the same. If you could
confirm that your case is the same, then we can make sure we're only chasing
one problem and not two.


Brad Benton

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Ryan Buckley ; 21426 <rbuckley_at_[hidden]>

> Hello,
> I am trying to run a simple Hello World MPI application in a
> heterogeneous environment. The machines include 1 x86 machine with a
> standard 1Gb ethernet connection and 2 ppc machines with standard 1Gb
> ethernet as well as a 10Gb ethernet (Infiniband) switch between the two.
> The Hello World program is the same hello_c.c that is included in the
> examples directory of the Open MPI installation.
> The goal is that I would like to run heterogeneous applications between
> the three aforementioned machines in the following manner:
> The x86 machine will use tcp to communicate to the 2 ppc machines,
> while the ppc machines will communicate with one another via the 10GbE.
> x86 <--tcp--> ppc_1
> x86 <--tcp--> ppc_2
> ppc1 <--openib--> ppc_2
> I am currently using a machfile set up as follows,
> # cat machfile
> <ppc_host_1>
> <ppc_host_2>
> <x86_host>
> In addition I am using an appfile set up as follows,
> # cat appfile
> -np 1 --hostfile machfile --host <ppc_host_1> --mca btl
> sm,self,tcp,openib /path/to/ppc/openmpi-1.2.5/examples/hello
> -np 1 --hostfile machfile --host <ppc_host_2> --mca btl
> sm,self,tcp,openib /path/to/ppc/openmpi-1.2.5/examples/hello
> -np 1 --hostfile machfile --host <x86_host> --mca btl
> sm,self,tcp /path/to/x86/openmpi-1.2.5/examples/hello
> I am running on the command line via
> # mpirun --app appfile
> I've also attached the output from 'ompi_info --all' from all machines.
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ryan
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