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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Problems with program-execution with OpenMPI: Orted: command not found
From: gildo.rex_at_[hidden]
Date: 2008-04-22 04:40:49

Hi Jodi,

thanks for the quick answer!

> Have you tried the command ompi_info?
> What is its output?

No, I haven't. I can try this evening, when I'm back home from work.

> Furthermore, the command you gave
> > mpirun -np 2 --hostfile /home/stephan/mpd.hosts
> is incomplete. There is no executable.

Sorry, it should correctly be

mpirun -np 2 --hostfile /home/stephan/mpd.hosts /bin/hostname

The output shows, that the program is only executed on the local machine. This is the same on each of the machines.

> Try to make sure wether your host file has the correct
> format. If i remember correctly Open-MPI does not use
> the same format for hostfiles as MPICH.

Yes, thats true according to the documentation. There is a possibility to define the number of slots and the max-number of slots in OpenMPI, which I haven't seen in MPICH so far (at least not within the hostfile).
But when I use a hostfile without a specification regarding the slots, e.g.

shell$ cat my-hosts

(which is the same as in MPICH), it should interpret the default values, i.e. slots=1 and max_slots=unlimited). That should work for that simple test.

> See the FAQ for more info

I also tried the way to specify the hosts in the command, e.g.

mpirun --host -np 2 node0,node1 /bin/hostname

but the result is the same. The program runs only on one host.
> If you don't use a hostfile, mpirun will start
> all processes on the local machine.

Yes, that's what it obviously does. It doesn't recognise the cluster partner in each direction...

Kind Regards


> On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 8:56 AM, <gildo.rex_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I wanted to compare MPICH and OpenMPI. MPICH works fine. So I installed
> OpenMPI the same way (configure, make, make install). The commands are
> found in the OpenMPI installation directory.
> >
> > When I tried to run programs I was a little bit confused, that there
> seems not to be a default hosts-file like in MPICH. I included it in the
> command with "--hostfile".
> >
> > When I now want to run my first test with
> >
> > mpirun -np 2 --hostfile /home/stephan/mpd.hosts
> >
> > I get the error-message:
> >
> > orted: command not found
> >
> > The "orted"-executable resides as well as the "mpirun"- and
> "mpiexec"-executables in the directory /home/stephan/openmpi-install. "orted" is also
> found by "which orted".
> >
> > What might be the problem? How does "orted" work? I'm not conscious
> about anything equivalent in MPICH...
> >
> > Thanks in advance for your help!
> >
> > Kind Regards
> >
> > Stephan

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