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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] setup of a basic system on RHEL or Fedora
From: Elvedin Trnjanin (trnja001_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-04-03 20:41:08

Download either the gzip or bzip, extract it, then "./configure" and
"make all install" is pretty simple. The library will go into
/usr/local/lib so you might need to add that path to your linker. You
can do this on all three systems. OpenMPI will handle everything else as
all you need is gigabit Ethernet.

Running programs is done with mpirun and you can look at th manual page
to get the arguments to that. The next important option is the
"-machinefile" option for mpirun where you can specify all the hosts you
want to connect to. I suggest setting up SSH authorized keys/auto login
on each system as mpirun will go over SSH and will ask you to login
whenever you run a program.

One thing about running programs is that the binaries need to be in the
same absolute path on all systems. This means if you're running the
program from /home/me on system1, the program you're running must also
be in /home/me on all the other systems. OpenMPI will not transfer those
binaries for you. An easy way for this is have an NFS mount for your MPI
programs that all of the systems can access and run from there. The
system specs make no difference as long as you're not going to switch to
a high speed interconnect soon.

That should get you started, the documents on the OpenMPI web site
should give you the answers for everything else.

clarkmpi_at_[hidden] wrote:
> I am looking for the basic steps for setup of an MPI cluster on a RHEL
> or Fedora system with mpi-1.1.
> IBM used to have a tutorial on this but I cannot find a complete one now.
> I have 3 white box computers which I would like to setup and run basic
> programs on and start working with MPI.
> I currently plan to just set them up on a gigabit network. All three
> are dual core if that makes a difference and I might get another one
> which is quad core in the near future.
> I have found quite a few books on programming but not very much on the
> setup. Judging by the size of the tutorial that was on IBM site
> someone has done a good job of making this simple and easy, but I
> haven't found the basic information on where to setup information on
> nodes and the like.