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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Infinipath context limit
From: Daniël Mantione (daniel.mantione_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-07 08:43:36

On Wed, 6 Feb 2008, Christian Bell wrote:

> Hi Daniel --
> PSM should determine your node setup and enable shared contexts
> accordingly, but it looks like something isn't working right. You
> can apply the patch I've attached to this e-mail and things should
> work again.

Alas, it doesn't compile (patch was applied to OpenMPI 1.2.5):

mtl_psm.c(109): error: struct "orte_proc_info_t" has no field "num_local_procs"
      if (orte_process_info.num_local_procs > 0) {

mtl_psm.c(111): error: struct "orte_proc_info_t" has no field "num_local_procs"
         snprintf(buf, sizeof buf - 1, "%d", orte_process_info.num_local_procs);

mtl_psm.c(113): error: struct "orte_proc_info_t" has no field "local_rank"
         snprintf(buf, sizeof buf - 1, "%d", orte_process_info.local_rank);

compilation aborted for mtl_psm.c (code 2)

> However, it would be useful to identify what's going wrong. Can
> you compile a hello world program and run it with the machinefile
> you're trying to use. Send me the output from:
> mpirun -machinefile .... env PSM_TRACEMASK=0x101 ./hello_world
> I understand your failure mode only if somehow the 8-core node is
> detected to be a 4-core node. The output should tell us this.

Attached. It seems it does try to enable context sharing but for some
reason /dev/ipath still returns a busy code.


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