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Subject: Re: [OMPI users] OpenMP + OMPI
From: Stephen Wornom (stephen.wornom_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-29 09:47:27

George Bosilca wrote:
> Both cases should work just fine. In fact as long as there is only one
> execution flow using MPI functions, the user will not face any problems.
I compiled my mpi fortran code using the -mp option to verify that the
mpi code would still run. I get this message when I run the code on the
sophia helios grid5000 cluster.
mpirun.openmpi noticed that job rank 0 with PID 4061 on node exited on signal 15 (Terminated).

Any ideas as to what may be the problem?
I had added OMP directives to the code before simply verifying that the
-mp option would work in the absense of OMP directives.

These are my compile options:
FCPATH = /opt/openmpi/1.2.4/bin

LDLIBS = -lmpi

FC = ${FCPATH}/mpif90
CC = ${FCPATH}/mpicc

FFLAGS =-mp -pg -fast -Mvect -Mdalign -mcmodel=medium -Mextend -r8
-pc 64 -Mextend