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From: Don Kerr (Don.Kerr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-22 22:51:08

Couple of things.
With linux I believe you need the interface instance in the 7th field of
the /etc/dat.conf file.

InfiniHost0 u1.1 nonthreadsafe default /usr/lib64/ ri.1.1 " " " "
should be
InfiniHost0 u1.1 nonthreadsafe default /usr/lib64/ ri.1.1 "ib0 0 " " "

Also, I did see a problem when running with less than ofed 1.2 which I
did not pursue because v1.2 worked. Last, it appears that you are
running udapl 1.1, I have only ever run on 1.2 so I don't know what to


Troy Telford wrote:

>OK, I've got a system set up so that it can use uDAPL over IB (! OFED, !
>Mellanox, though) on Linux.
>Running simple dapl test programs (shamelessly pulled from the OFED tree)
>seems to verify that DAPL is in fact operating properly.
>After searching through the mail archives, I found a small test code by Donald
>Kerr (dat_reg.c), and compiled an ran that successfully. When run, it
>returns the name of the DAT name (ib0)
>I've also been able to run programs using uDAPL with Intel MPI, for example.
>I'm fairly sure uDAPL is working.
>However, when I attempt to run an MPI program over uDAPL (--mca btl
>udapl,sm,self), I receive the following error:
>WARNING: Failed to open "ib0"
>This may be a real error or it may be an invalid entry in the uDAPL
>Registry which is contained in the dat.conf file. Contact your local
>System Administrator to confirm the availability of the interfaces in
>the dat.conf file.
>[0,1,0]: uDAPL on host n02 was unable to find any NICs.
>I've also tried using --mca btl_udapl_if_include ib0, but that doesn't seem to
>have any effect.
>Interestingly enough, when I don't specify a DAT provider, and I play with the
>name in /etc/dat.conf, Open MPI seems aware of the name change; it will
>list 'failed to open "newname"'
>my /etc/dat.conf looks like this:
>InfiniHost0 u1.1 nonthreadsafe default /usr/lib64/ ri.1.1 " " " "
>Any ideas on why I'm not able to get Open MPI to use uDAPL?