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From: Francesco Pietra (chiendarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-26 16:37:16

Are any detailed directions for upgrading (for common guys, not experts, I
mean)? My 1.2.3 version on Debian Linux amd64 runs perfectly.
francesco pietra

--- Tim Mattox <timattox_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic,
> and industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI
> version 1.2.4. This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.2.3
> release, but there are few new features. We strongly recommend
> that all users upgrade to version 1.2.4 if possible.
> Version 1.2.4 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or
> any of its mirrors (mirrors will be updating shortly).
> Here are a list of changes in v1.2.4 as compared to v1.2.3:
> - Really added support for TotalView/DDT parallel debugger message queue
> debugging (it was mistakenly listed as "added" in the 1.2 release).
> - Fixed a build issue with GNU/kFreeBSD. Thanks to Petr Salinger for
> the patch.
> - Added missing MPI_FILE_NULL constant in Fortran. Thanks to
> Bernd Schubert for bringing this to our attention.
> - Change such that the UDAPL BTL is now only built in Linux when
> explicitly specified via the --with-udapl configure command line
> switch.
> - Fixed an issue with umask not being propagated when using the TM
> launcher.
> - Fixed behavior if number of slots is not the same on all bproc nodes.
> - Fixed a hang on systems without GPR support (ex. Cray XT3/4).
> - Prevent users of 32-bit MPI apps from requesting >= 2GB of shared
> memory.
> - Added a Portals MTL.
> - Fix 0 sized MPI_ALLOC_MEM requests. Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for
> pointing out the problem.
> - Fixed a segfault crash on large SMPs when doing collectives.
> - A variety of fixes for Cray XT3/4 class of machines.
> - Fixed which error handler is used when MPI_COMM_SELF is passed
> to MPI_COMM_FREE. Thanks to Lisandro Dalcini for the bug report.
> - Fixed compilation on platforms that don't have hton/ntoh.
> - Fixed a logic problem in the fortran binding for MPI_TYPE_MATCH_SIZE.
> Thanks to Jeff Dusenberry for pointing out the problem and supplying
> the fix.
> - Fixed a problem with MPI_BOTTOM in various places of the f77-interface.
> Thanks to Daniel Spangberg for bringing this up.
> - Fixed problem where MPI-optional Fortran datatypes were not
> correctly initialized.
> - Fixed several problems with stdin/stdout forwarding.
> - Fixed overflow problems with the sm mpool MCA parameters on large SMPs.
> - Added support for the DDT parallel debugger via orterun's --debug
> command line option.
> - Added some sanity/error checks to the openib MCA parameter parsing
> code.
> - Updated the udapl BTL to use RDMA capabilities.
> - Allow use of the BProc head node if it was allocated to the user.
> Thanks to Sean Kelly for reporting the problem and helping debug it.
> - Fixed a ROMIO problem where non-blocking I/O errors were not properly
> reported to the user.
> - Made remote process launch check the $SHELL environment variable if
> a valid shell was not otherwise found for the user.
> Thanks to Alf Wachsmann for the bugreport and suggested fix.
> - Added/updated some vendor IDs for a few openib HCAs.
> - Fixed a couple of failures that could occur when specifying devices
> for use by the OOB.
> - Removed dependency on sysfsutils from the openib BTL for
> libibverbs >=v1.1 (i.e., OFED 1.2 and beyond).
> --
> Tim Mattox
> Open Systems Lab
> Indiana University
> _______________________________________________
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