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From: Edgar Gabriel (gabriel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-03 14:50:25

you are probably using the wrong data type. MPI_2DOUBLE_COMPLEX is like
a structure of two 'double complex' data types for MPI_MINLOC/MAXLOC
operations in MPI_Reduce/Allreduce.

You should try MPI_DOUBLE_COMPLEX. Resp, if this still doesn't work,
compare the size of your complex data type from complex.h (e.g. using
the sizeof operator) and the size of the MPI_DOUBLE_COMPLEX data type
(e.g. using MPI_Type_size). If they don't match you probably need to use

Corey Putkunz wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> An interesting problem I've discovered with MPI_Read_file (part of the
> MPI I/O interface). When trying to read a 256^3 complex array (by
> complex I mean "complex" defined in complex.h) into a single
> dynamically allocated array (whos memory is successfully allocated).
> To read I call:
> MPI_File_read ( file_in, data, S, MPI_2DOUBLE_COMPLEX, &status );
> (where S=256x256x256) though the call fails and I can't figure out
> why. If I reduce the amount of data MPI_File_read attempts to read the
> call works. I can find this issue anywhere else on the net. Please
> help anyone!
> (System is running on an Intel machine, Fedora 7)
> Thanks. Corey
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