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From: Dennis McRitchie (dmcr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-12 15:34:03

Thanks for the reply Jeff.

Yes, I did compile my test app with -g, but unfortunately, our rpm build
process stripped the symbols from orterun, so that turned out to be the
culprit. Once we fixed that and used openmpi-totalview.tcl to start
things up, TotalView debugging started working.

Unfortunately, I still can't get the TotalView message queue feature to
work. The option is greyed out, probably because I got the following
error, once for every process:

In process mpirun<>.N: Failed to find the global symbol

where is my test app, and N is the process' rank. Note
that I get the same error whether I built openmpi and my test app with
the Intel compiler or the gcc compiler.

In looking in <ompi_build_home>/ompi/debuggers, I see that the error is
coming out of ompi_dll.c, and it caused by not finding either
"mca_pml_base_send_requests" or "mca_pml_base_recv_requests" in the
image. I presume that the image in question is either orterun or my test
app, and if I run the strings command against them, unsurprisingly I do
not find either of these strings.

But if I compile the same test app against the MPICH library, I *can*
use TotalView's message queue feature with it. So I think the problem is
not with the test app itself.

Is there anything I need to do to enable the viewing of message queues
with TV when using openmpi 1.2.3?


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On Jul 5, 2007, at 4:02 PM, Dennis McRitchie wrote:

> Any idea why the main program can't be found when running under
> mpirun?

Just to be sure: you compiled your test MPI application with -g, right?

> Does openmpi need to be built with either --enable-debug or
> --enable-mem-debug? The "configure --help" says the former is not for
> general MPI users. Unclear about the latter.

No, both of those should be just for OMPI developers; you should not
need them for user installations. Indeed, OMPI should build itself with
-g as relevant for TV support (i.e., use -g to compile the relevant .c
files in libmpi); you shouldn't need to build OMPI itself with -g.

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems
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