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From: Julian Cummings (cummings_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-06-13 00:38:47


This is a follow up to a message originally posted by Andrew J Caird on
2006-08-16. No one ever replied to Andrew's message, and I am experiencing
exactly the same problem with a more recent version of OpenMPI (1.2.1) and
the PGI compiler (7.0). Essentially, the problem is that if you link an MPI
application against the mpi_cxx library, at run time you will get a failure
with each process giving the following message:

C++ runtime abort: internal error: static object marked for destruction more
than once

If your MPI application does not utilize the MPI C++ bindings, you can link
without this library and the runtime errors will go away.

Since this problem was reported long ago and no one ever replied to the
report, I would assume that this is a bug either in the mpi_cxx library or
in the way it is built under the PGI compiler. I could not figure out how
to submit a bug report to the open-mpi bug tracking system, so I hope that
this message to the users list will suffice. I am attaching my ompi_info
--all output to this message. I am running on a Myrinet-based Linux
cluster, but the particulars are not relevant for this problem. You can
replicate the problem with any trivial MPI application code, such as the
standard "hello" program using the standard C interface. I am attaching my
hello.c source code. Compile with "mpicxx -o hello hello.c" and run with
"mpirun -np 1 ./hello". The runtime error disappears if you compile with
"mpicc -o hello hello.c" to avoid linking against the mpi_cxx library.

Please let me know if there is any fix available for this problem.

Regards, Julian C.