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From: Code Master (cpp.codemaster_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-06-08 09:29:27

I compiled openmpi-1.2.2 with:

./configure CFLAGS=-g -pg -O3
--prefix=/home/foo/490_research/490/src/mpi.optimized_profiling/ \
--enable-mpi-threads --enable-progress-threads --enable-static
--disable-shared --without-memory-manager \
--without-libnuma --disable-mpi-f77 --disable-mpi-f90 --disable-mpi-cxx
--disable-mpi-cxx-seek --disable-dlopen

(Thanks Jeff, now I know that I have to add --without-memory-manager and
--without-libnuma for static linking)

make all

make install

then I run my client app with:

/home/foo/490_research/490/src/mpi.optimized_profiling/bin/mpirun --hostfile
../hostfile -n 32 raytrace -finputs/car.env

The program runs well and each process completes succssfully (I can tell
because all processes have now generated gmon.out successfully and a "ps
aux" on other slave nodes (except the originating node) show that my program
in slave nodes have already exited (not existant). Therefore I think this
may have something to do with mpirun,which hangs forever.

Can you see anything wrong in my ./configure command which explains the
mpirun hang at the end of the run? How can I fix it?