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From: Götz Waschk (goetz.waschk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-21 02:55:03

Hello everyone,

I have trouble with the Gridengine integration of openmpi. When I run
a job with only 4 processes, it runs fine. With more processes, mpirun
sometimes fails to connect to the remote nodes, the qrsh calls fail.

I'll attach a job script and the error output. As you can see from the
'for' loop, I can connect to all nodes just fine, it is the qrsh
executed by mpirun that fails. Qrsh was configured to run ssh with
kerberos authentification (ssh -tt -o GSSAPIDelegateCredentials=no).

My versions are openmpi 1.2.2, SGE 6.0u9, RHEL5. Any idea where the
problem could be?

Regards, Götz Waschk

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