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From: Götz Waschk (goetz.waschk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-26 07:11:30

On 4/26/07, Bruce Foster <bef_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> The README instructions for PGI compilation have a typo:
> Current context:
> - The Portland Group compilers require the "-Msignextend" compiler
> flag to extend the sign bit when converting from a shorter to longer
> integer. This is is different than other compilers (such as GNU).
> When compiling Open MPI with the Portland compiler suite, the
> following flags should be passed to Open MPI's configure script:

Hi Bruce,

let's quote the man page of pgcc:
       -Msignextend (default) -Mnosignextend
                 Sign extend (don't sign extend) when a narrowing conversion
                 overflows. For example, when -Msignextend is in effect and
                 an integer containing the value 65535 is converted to a
                 short, the value of the short will be -1. ANSI C specifies
                 that the result of such conversions are undefined.

This is PGI 7.0-2. So maybe the documentation should be changed into
'The Portland Group compilers prior to version 7.0 require ...'

Regards, Götz Waschk

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