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From: de Almeida, Valmor F. (dealmeidav_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-30 18:06:30


I am getting this error any time the number of processes requested per
machine is greater than the number of cpus. I suspect it is something on
the configuration of mx / ompi that I am missing since another machine I
have without mx installed runs ompi correctly with oversubscription.

Thanks for any help.

->mpirun -np 3 --machinefile mymachines-1 a.out
[x1:23624] mca_btl_mx_init: mx_open_endpoint() failed with status=20
[x1:23624] *** Process received signal *** [x1:23624] Signal:
Segmentation fault (11) [x1:23624] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
[x1:23624] Failing at address: 0x20 [x1:23624] [ 0] [0xb7f7f440]
[x1:23624] [ 1]
[0xb7aca825] [x1:23624] [ 2]
f8) [0xb7acc658] [x1:23624] [ 3]
/opt/ompi/lib/ [0xb7f41900]
[x1:23624] [ 4]
6) [0xb7ad1006] [x1:23624] [ 5]
/opt/ompi/lib/ [0xb7f41198]
[x1:23624] [ 6]
x7d) [0xb7af866d] [x1:23624] [ 7]
/opt/ompi/lib/ [0xb7f49b56]
[x1:23624] [ 8] /opt/ompi/lib/
[0xb7f0fe2f] [x1:23624] [ 9] /opt/ompi/lib/
[0xb7f3204b] [x1:23624] [10] a.out(_ZN3MPI4InitERiRPPc+0x18) [0x8052cbe]
[x1:23624] [11] a.out(main+0x21) [0x804f4a7] [x1:23624] [12]
/lib/ [0xb7be9824]
content of mymachines-1 file
x1  max_slots=4